SorbTray Spill trays are custom designed to be mounted underneath radiators, valves and special equipment that are prone to leaks. The spill trays are shipped 100% complete with mounting hardware included. Most commonly mounted onto existing equipment these can also be designed to be freestanding. The spill trays capture drips from leaky equipment and are free-draining, making them ideal for outdoor conditions. The advantage of the SorbTray spill tray is that water will drain through the material but oil will be immobilized and trapped within.



Oil leaking from equipment is absorbed by the absorption layer of the tray. When the absorption layer is saturated, additional oil seeps downward, reacting with the oil congealing mat sealing the tray. Based on the leak rate, SorbTray can be designed to remain in place functioning effectively for a prolonged period of time. Once the tray seals, the contents can be removed and disposed of, following required corporate oil waste management guidelines. The old geotextile filter cartridge can be replaced with fresh material and returned to service.

SorbTrays can also be custom designed to fit into pre-manufactured oil containment systems that accompany equipment such as transformers. The spill trays can be fit into the steel structure to effectively evacuate water but seal up in the presence of an oil spill. Call us to find out how this solution can work for your application.




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