Albarrie staff comprises a group of engineers, technologists and technicians with a diverse range of talents to provide state of the art secondary containment system solutions and transformer oil containment design for SorbWeb™ Plus and its related product line.

Albarrie has a Certificate of Authorization/ Permit to Practice Engineering from the Professional Engineers of Ontario (PEO), The Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of Alberta (APEGA) and Saskatchewan (APEGS) and a member of The Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of the province of British Columbia (APEGBC). Through our professional engineering network we have access to peer reviews throughout North America.

Albarrie’s innovative engineering design team follows specific transformer oil containment design criteria to ensure the project is successful and the client’s goals are achieved. Along with best practice recommendations, client input, and a promise to deliver the highest quality product, we focus on developing the right solution for your needs.

Our transformer oil containment design package includes stamped final designs, detailed final reports and As Built drawings among other services. Secondary containment solutions are designed to be passive, allow for drive-ability access to the equipment and be maintenance free. What facility owner doesn’t love that?

Transformer oil containment design

Authorized by the Association of Professional Engineers of Ontario to offer professional engineering services

Transformer oil containment design
Transformer oil containment design

Albarrie GeoComposites Ltd. is a corporate registrant of APEGS

Typical Design Specs:

  • Typical 110% Containment plus a 1/25 rainfall event
  • IEEE guidelines for secondary oil containment
  • SPCC Rules/MOE Requirements
  • Best engineering practices
  • Site considerations
  • Client specifications
  • Site plan drawing
  • Volume of oil
  • How many pieces of oil filled equipment
  • Soil permeability (geotechnical report is best)
  • Depth of the grounding grid
  • Geographic location
  • Deluge system, if any
  • Number of intrusions in the containment area
  • Equipment layout


Oil Containment Systems

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