In most industries, cost pressures result in a requirement for standardized testing. Albarrie’ s oil containment solutions are routinely put to the test. In partnership with Kinetrics , a leading testing, inspection, certification and consulting company, Albarrie has conducted extensive testing on the SorbWeb™Plus System, both in labs and in “real environment”.

“Real environment” testing (i.e., testing a product the way it is typically used) is almost always the most accurate method of product evaluation.

Our “real environment” testing performed on our oil containment solutions includes third party performance verification and independent lab analysis. Our program enables us to offer significant warranty terms on all of secondary oil containment solutions.

Requirements change when moving from the research phase to the manufacturing phase. Albarrie’s tests, measurement, and control platform has a modular architecture which utilizes a variety of measurement tools.

Ask us about our destructive testing and warranty terms on secondary oil containment solutions, including barrier booms, spill containment, spill trays, pad-mount containment kits, and hydrocarbon filtration solutions.






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