During 2014/2015 SorbWeb™ Plus Transformer oil containment system successfully captured 5 separate accidental oil spills of varying degrees of severity. Two are shared here.

In 2015 approximately two weeks after installation, the SorbWeb™Plus oil containment system successfully captured an accidental transformer oil spill at a site in North America. A significant amount of oil was discharged into the oil containment which  required a partial remediation. Approximately 75% of the transformer oil containment was salvaged with only 25% requiring removal and repair, delivering outstanding performance and optimized remediation costs. Download the white paper for details on the minor and the significant case.

Oil spill environmental remediation and clean up response costs depend on a variety of factors, including most notably: location, oil type, spill size, and cleanup strategy which make it difficult to develop a universal per-unit cost factor.

The high environmental remediation costs, strict environmental regulations and inadequate protection against oil spills have created a growing need for cost-efficient and reliable oil containment systems. SorbWeb™Plus transformer oil containment technology manages oil spill risk with lower capital outlays while eliminating maintenance costs, for example:

Transformer Oil Containment
DescriptionApproximate Costs
Remediation costs to clean up a spill from a small 5,000 gallon transformer $ 536,700.00*
A SorbWeb™Plus Oil Containment System for this 5,000 gallon transformer - Installed $ 50,000.00**
Remediation costs to clean a spill for this 5,000 gallon Transformer if it had SorbWeb™Plus installed prior to the spill.$ 160,000.00***
Total Potential Savings $ 326,700.00

*Based on the article “Calculation of stress-dependant life cycle costs of a substation-demonstrated for controlled energization of unload transformers: by Politano, D; Frolich, K: IEEE Transactions 2006.

**Prices can vary depending on location, labour, materials, site conditions and size of containment.

*** Clean up costs may vary depending on site location, size of containment and response size and time. Calculation is based on construction and clean up costs associated with spills reported to us in 2014-2015.



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