Albarrie produces a variety of needlepunch felts for use as interlinings in safety apparel applications.  Felt interlinings are typically bonded or sewn into the middle of a multilayer fabric construction to provide a specific function depending on the performance requirements of the application.


  • Felt interlinings can assist in retaining heat or protect the wearer from external heat sources.  Example: Kevlar ® felt interlining material for safety gloves used in handling hot items.

Cut/puncture resistance:

  • Kevlar ® felts have long been used in safety apparel to provide enhanced cut & puncture protection.  Examples include: interlining material for chainsaw chaps, safety gloves, footwear, sleeves and more…



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  • Polyester felt interlinings are a simple but effective way to provide fullness or add cushioning to a fabric construction.

Fire blocking:

  • Fire blocking felts can be constructed of inherently fire resistant fibers such as OPAN (Pyron ®), Kevlar ®, or Nomex ® or constructed of non-fire retardant fibers with fire retardant coatings.  Example: Nomex ® felt for fire fighting turnout gear and racing suits.


Note: Kevlar ® & Nomex ® are registered trademarks of E.I. du Pont de Nemours and Co. For more information on how these fibers have changed protective materials click here.



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