Albarrie is a solutions-based company, making innovation the heart of everything we do. Our drive, focus and willingness to work with everyone towards common goals means we’re constantly working to develop new ideas. As a result, our products and services are used all over the world to protect the environment and to make industrial processes more efficient. Here are some of our proudest innovations:


SorbWeb™ Plus is a double patented multi-layer passive secondary oil containment system. At the heart of the system is a permeable oil immobilizing fabric – a result of a partnership with Kinetrics, a leading testing, inspection, certification and consulting company that provides life cycle management solutions for the electricity industry.

The secret to SorbWeb™ Plus is in its construction. The system is built around a smart fabric, consisting of two designed geotextiles interlocked with polymer to form a continuous mat, known as an “oilmat.” Under normal conditions, the system and its layers are designed to allow water to move freely through the oilmat without accumulating to pass all the way back into the native ground. When hydrocarbons come into contact with the oilmat it will congeal and seal, preventing oil from escaping the containment area.

SorbWeb™ Plus significantly reduces the environmental and economic liabilities associated with an oil spill. Our proprietary polymer blends are non-toxic, non-hazardous and environmentally friendly. The system contributes to sustainability and environmental leadership by protecting our water, land and wildlife from potential oil contamination or exposure.


We have the ability to incorporate virtually any flowable powder into the construction of our needlefelt fabric. One of the best known uses for this technology is represented by our geosynthetic clay liner, which we use for specialized containment applications.

You’ll find our geosynthetic clay liners used in drainage tunnels, landfills, and in railway and road construction among other places. One of the chief advantages of our clay liners is the ability to self seal should the liner ever get cut.


We use a machine called a Rontex spiral needleloom to produce seamless felt tubes of various sizes and configurations. The glass and aluminum extrusion industries make extensive use of our seamless felt rolls, belts and sleeves to protect their products from scratches, dents and damage during fabrication.


The fire protection industry relies on our advanced, high-performance fabrics to make fire-resistant apparel and linings. Our composite materials are also used in manufacturing when extreme heat-resistance is required.


Albarrie has developed a multilayered filtration fabric which combines a top layer of the P-84™ polyimide fiber with a bottom layer of conventional filtration fibers. Albarrie’s Tandem® Composites possess the filtration properties of fabrics made from 100% P-84™ polyimide; however, are combined with less expensive polymers to offer exceptional filtration capabilities at a significantly lower price.


Meteor™ Basalt filtration media is derived from volcanic rock and offers incredible operating temperature range, chemical resistance, and mechanical properties. Meteor™ is a filtration fabric comprised of an extremely stable scrim constructed of mineral Basalt fibers and yarns. The Basalt scrim is combined, via needle punching process, with a top layer of appropriate fiber.



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