A Baghouse Maintenance Success Story: High Efficiency Filter Bag Cleaning


A southern-US coal and local petroleum coke-regulated electricity/utility company.


Two train dust collector baghouse units with 12 compartments. Each train contained 9,760 filter bags each, totalling 19,520 bags. Each filter bag was 26’ L x 6” dia made of PPS Membrane filtration fabric. Each train is 1.2 Million ACFM.


The power plant was experiencing an increase in delta pressure. This was causing power production losses due to an upset in the control of the NOx emissions.

The company thought that the only solution to alleviate this problem was to replace all 19,520 PPS Membrane filter bags and cages – a $6 million capital expenditure.



  • Examination of the current condition of filter bags and cages was conducted. Flow testing was performed inside the baghouse, and results reaffirmed initial chamber test’s positive results.
  • All pulse pipes were removed.
  • Albarrie’s highly experienced field technicians proceeded to clean all 19,520 filter bags, one by one, using AES’s proprietary HEC equipment.
  • Once cleaning was completed, a leak detection test was performed to determine if any bags were faulty; any broken bags were replaced.
  • Additional services included vacuuming of all tube sheets using a vac truck, plus any minor repairs required to blow pipes and bolt down studs.


  • Albarrie’s High Efficiency Filter Bag Cleaning Service postponed the customer’s need to spend $6 million on the purchase of 19,520 new PPS membrane filter bags and cages.
  • After start up, power production returned to full capacity/load.
  • Delta pressure decreased from 15” to 7”.
  • Opacity returned to 2% (normal levels).
  • The customer experienced increased permeability within the dust collector system.


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