Asphalt Baghouse


Asphalt Producers and Baghouse Manufacturers are forced to seek out alternative high-heat fabrics for particulate dust filtration amidst the Global Nomex/Meta-Aramid shortage. There are a few factors at play when it comes to the supply shortage, making it harder for OEMs to see the light...

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When choosing a secondary oil containment solution, the design must consider three things. First, it must effectively prevent oil from contaminating the environment. Second, it must be dependable in varying conditions. Third, the design must have minimal impact to its surroundings and ultimately, the environment....

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  Mining professionals are gearing up to shake off the COVID-19 blues and get back to improving business operations at this year’s MINExpo 2021. With over 1,100 exhibitors scheduled to attend, Albarrie is excited to showcase its exclusive Tandem™ Nonwoven Baghouse Filter Bags at the Vegas...

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KA Kaddy with Albarrie's Industrial Felt


Necessity is the mother of invention is a modern-day idiom that communicates our need and desire to create. The idiom is taken from an ancient quote by Plato, “our need will be the real creator”. So, the love of baking bread and other goodies led...

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Gold Mine


For more than 30 years Albarrie has been supporting the global mining industry with our extensive line-up of customizable technical textiles. As experts in particulate filtration, Albarrie’s fabric solutions can be used in and around many varieties of mines including Lime, Gypsum, Zinc, Gold, Copper, Precious...

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Concave roller, extrusion roller, High temperature roller, Kevlar roller, Carbon graphite, conveyor roller cover


Aluminum extruders across the globe all face the same challenges; How to reduce scrap and maximize productivity, How to extend the life of their maintenance parts to keep costs low. Here at Albarrie, we’ve been providing premium heat felts to the aluminum extrusion industry for over...

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Stenter Frame at Albarrie Canada


Albarrie’s newest piece of technology is ready to power up. Spanning an impressive 2,400 square feet, the new Stenter Frame at Albarrie is scheduled to replace an aged machine on the factory floor. The new Stenter Frame’s state-of-the-art capability will allow Albarrie to heat set...

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  Albarrie's Geosynthetic Corporate Division will be showcasing its Seconary Oil Containment System at the Virtual Conference & Exhibition for The Electricity, Distribution, Information Systems & Technology (EDIST). Albarrie is hosting an information session every day during the event on January 13th & 14th, 2021. Albarrie's Geosynthetic Services' Divisional...

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Mr. Pushup doing pushups to raise money for the Canadian Mental Health Association


In the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic and social distancing and isolation regulations, many Canadians find themselves at a loss regarding mental health. The pandemic has spurred many mental health issues around the country, the most common being anxiety and depression. Randy Beal, also known as...

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Albarrie is a filter media supplier for air filtration and liquid filtering applications


  Albarrie is a filter media supplier for a broad range of liquid and air filtration applications. The needlepunching process that we use has proven to be highly effective in filtration systems that require low permeability ranging from filter bags for industrial dust collectors to liquid filter belts for...

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